Sustainable business with ECFG


In 10 years, Dutch CO2 emissions must be reduced by 50%. In 30 years, it should be 95%. The message is clear: there is work to be done!


More successful business through attention to sustainability

Sustainable value creation and business value creation used to be largely separate concepts. But this is changing. The effects of negative environmental impacts such as pollution, emissions and damage to ecosystems are increasing due to the growth in prosperity. As a result, the awareness of the various stakeholders is growing and they are increasingly demanding sustainability and transparency. Consequently, companies experience that they actually increase their turnover, save costs and reduce risks by increasing their positive impact on environmental and social issues, and mitigating their negative impact.

To illustrate the latter, the KPMG report “Expect the Unexpected” shows that the cost of environmental damage caused by 11 major industrial sectors was equal to 41% of their profits (before taxes) in 2010. Some sectors, such as food producers, would no longer be profitable if they had to bear the full cost of their negative impact and did not take mitigation measures (source KPMG, see link)

A growing number of organizations are becoming socially responsible, balancing people, profitability and climate and environmental impacts. In practice, organizations that do business in a socially responsible way achieve better long-term (business) results than those that do not.

Sustainability performance thus affects the future sustainability of the company. Sustainability is not just a license to operate or a hygiene factor, it is a real business driver. Assessing the performance of our holdings helps to promote innovation (and therefore investment), clarify and, if necessary, mitigate risks, and ensure sustainable growth. Finally, by assessing and communicating this, transparency is increased and thus greenwashing avoided.

Sustainability scan for your company

ECFG recently expanded its team with experienced sustainability specialists Dr Tanya Bakker and Joost Ploos van Amstel. Together with them, ECFG has developed a quick scan that can pragmatically identify how a company scores on the topic of sustainability and where the opportunities and threats lie. One of the tools used are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. These universal guidelines enable companies to establish measurable goals and to communicate on progress.

In addition, ECFG can support in (possibly subsidized) countering threats and seizing identified opportunities. Our approach gives companies practical insight into their sustainability performance and thus helps to create conditions for a better (business) perspective. By mapping sustainability and financial parameters, we can provide a balanced analysis and guidance for the future.

Do you want to know where your company stands in the field of sustainability?
Please contact Tanya Bakker.