Finance & Growth

We assist companies in every lifecycle stage in finding the ideal mix between subsidies, government resources and (bank) financing with venture capital as possible tailpiece.

Together with the entrepreneur we hands-on strive to realize growth in both revenue and return, downsizing risks and optimization of the financing structure. By our assistance, the diverse aspects of a business case are filled in with the right expertise, experience, network and our pragmatic hands-on mentality. A sustainable solution is always a win-win for all stakeholders.

Finance & Growth assists amongst others in:

  • The purchase and sale of companies (M&A).
  • Debt advisory (assisting entrepreneurs in creating optimal funding structure).
  • The combining of the optimal financing mix: subsidies, government loans, bank financing, informal capital, etc.
  • Valuation report and the implementation of it.
  • Strategic sales, also in cases when the return on investment is still insufficient.
  • Developping cooperation structures (alliance, licenses and partnering).
  • Restructuring (sanity check, audits).
  • Etc.

The approach

In order to accelerate money is often needed. We take care of that using our broad (international) network containing a diversity of financial instruments. Understanding and arranging these financial instruments is a process on its own. This is one of the core specialties of ECFG.

By combining our disciplines we enable a company to accelerate through:

  1. The implementation of smart capital.
  2. Combining business development, network and financing in order to achieve a maximum result for stakeholders.
  3. Realizing growth in a modular (step by step), systematic (through proven models) way. This approach will result in companies having a better prospect on acceleration of success. Hereby, risks are closely monitored and limited. This is reflected in the custom made model below, for which a continuous twist on the cube is needed to get to the optimum allocation of business case elements being vital at that particular lifecycle moment of the company.

Our method is personal, hands on and results-oriented: by

  • Being available for the management team whenever it is needed.
  • Applying business development in all lifecycle stages of the company.
  • Advice and assistance in a pragmatic way that is results-oriented.
  • Use of experience and network, whereby valuable time is not lost and can be used to stimulate grow.
  • The belief in the win-win; building together, accelerate together, win together.
  • Getting things done.

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