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We offer corporate finance services to companies in every life-stage, in order to find the optimal combination of subsidies, state resources, (bank) funding, and the possible final element: risk capital.

In close cooperation with the entrepreneur, we strive to increase turnover and returns, reduce risks and extend funding. Corporate Finance allows us to improve and accelerate the different aspects of a business case through:

  • Network
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Hands-on ‘getting things done’ attitude!

Dealmaking experience:

  • Subsidies
  • Banks/pension funds
  • Informal/formal investors
  • Strategic partnering
  • Restructuring
  • Exits, etc.

Track record & reputation: a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

What it means

ECFG acceleration means:

  • ECFG supports entrepreneurs and companies
  • ECFG applies business development in every life-stage
  • Advice and support helps entrepreneurs with result focused ‘’business development that matters’”.
  • ECFG has experience in- and the network for structuring all the aspects of modulated growth: completing and solving ‘’the cube’. Together we build companies and help them to accelerate.


The approach

In order to accelerate, money is required every time. We arrange this through our network of funding instruments. The understanding and arrangement of the right approach and application for funding instruments is a trade in itself, a trade we are particularly good at.

Combining three pillars of our expertise enables us to let a company accelerate: Combining funding (see figure below), knowledge of business development and deployment of our network of people who understand the market and its processes. Putting together all those elements is specific trade (hence the cube is never easily solved), which eventually leads to the right growth path by putting together pieces in different colors, in different combinations and in different phases.
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