Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II completes its first investment

The newly started investment fund of ECFG, Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II (EVCF II), has completed its first investment: Equflow in Oss. With this investment Equflow can accelerate its growth.

Equflow has invested in the development of her unique products for years and is in the market entry phase now. Equflow manufactures disposable, single use flow meters for liquids. The flow meters are single-use measurement elements, ensuring sterile and calibrated working at all times and at the same time delivering huge savings in time and cost. The application possibilities are diverse but mainly intended for the medical, biotech and biopharmaceutical industry. Already a number of worldleading customers is convinced of the products of Equflow.

Ruben Baijens, ECFG: “Equflow’s current life stage perfectly fits with our investment scope. Our newly started fund is intended to help innovative companies in their next step of growth after successful startup. ECFG aims to facilitate the accelerated growth of companies in the technological ecosystem of the Eindhoven region, operating “side by side” with the entrepreneur. It is not just about money but also about knowledge and experience. This is how we realise real added value together.”

Daniel van Beek, Equflow: “ECFG has been following us for years, they were enthusiastic about where we wanted to go and what we had achieved until that time. For us it is important that we partner with an investor we know and with whom we have a personal click, based on integrity and with the right intentions. The investment allows us to scale up, also in quality, e.g. ISO certification which is important for large, international customers. Also, the funding can enable investments in production capacity and working capital. I am confident that we have a great company, that the investment from EVCF II will bring us to the next level and that ECFG will help us to realise our growth potential.”

Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II BV (EVCF II) is an investment fund that enables (young) high-tech production companies to accelerate their growth. The fund was launched on 1 July 2018 and focuses on companies that have outgrown the start-up phase and have proven themselves. But further expansion requires new financing and business assistance. EVCF II takes a minority interest (possibly in combination with loans) in such companies and also actively makes available knowledge and experience.

The investment capital of EVCF II, which just closed its first funding round, was brought together by fourteen investors. These are regional parties including entrepreneurs(-families) and family offices. With a target fund size of € 30 million, the fund aims to make a total of sixteen investments over the next five years.


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