ECFG Ventures II (EVCF II)

ECFG Ventures II invests in:

  • Companies with opportunities,
  • For above average financial return
  • Based upon the right product/technique/market-combination

ECFG Ventures II participates when:

  • The company has a proper management team
  • The investment has calculable, acceptable risk moments
  • A growth path for the company seems plausible
  • An exit is realistic after 5 to 7 years

Essential terms to be investment-worthy:

  • Well experienced management team
  • Proof-of-product, -market, -technology
  • Proven business- / revenue model
  • Ready for internationalization
  • Provable acceleration model

By these conditions in place, an attractive proposition is created for a larger party to strategically takeover the company in the medium term.