Press release: Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II invests in Greentom

Eindhoven, 30 July 2021 – ECFG has realized a new participation via Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II (EVCF II). It is the eighth holding of this fund. It concerns the company Greentom Holding B.V. that makes sustainable strollers, in which the fund has taken a minority interest.


About Greentom

Greentom is an innovative Dutch company that develops and markets sustainable strollers that are made entirely from high-quality recycled plastic. By using waste as a raw material, Greentom offers a circular solution. The design of the stroller omits all superfluous components. This less-is-more design philosophy enables Greentom to market the strollers at a competitive price. The young company from Maastricht has won several international design and innovation awards for the product design of its strollers.


Innovative design

Greentom saw an opportunity to develop an attractive and durable stroller to fill a growing need for sustainable alternatives in a traditional market.

They succeeded in designing a stroller that consists of only 28 elements that are easy to assemble. This fits in with the Dutch ‘no-nonsense’ mentality that the company pursues. By opting for form, functionality, and durability, Greentom has been able to innovate in a market in which the big players have not succeeded to do so.


Investment objective

After intensive product and concept development in recent years, the investment of EVCF II gives a boost to sales and business development. Greentom already sells its products in Europe and Asia and wants to expand its sales worldwide. Greentom will also further develop its products based on the same philosophy – design in combination with sustainability. EVCF II is proud to be able to contribute to this. Bringing such sustainable initiatives to the market is in line with the vision of EVCF II.



“The collaboration with EVCF II offers Greentom the opportunity to introduce a growing group of parents worldwide to its sustainable products and to further invest in the scale-up of production. Greentom’s vision: to make a positive contribution to a greener future for the next generation, fits seamlessly with the sustainable nature of this investment fund. Let’s create a green tomorrow!’, says Maarten Wellens, managing director of Greentom.


Ruben Baijens, investment director and partner of ECFG: ‘Together with Greentom, we have gone through an intensive process to achieve a great collaboration. We are confident in the company’s growth objectives and ambition. Greentom’s green vision has resulted in a great product and there is so much more potential that can be realized with this collaboration. The product shows that functionality, design, and sustainability go hand in hand. With the investment from EVCF II, we also invest our knowledge and experience in the company and contribute to, for example, strategy, financial and legal affairs. This is how we create real added value.”


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