ECFG is an independent, private firm that advises, assists and invests in SMEs active in business-to-business markets.

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Venture Capital

Our funds participate with a minority interest (20-49%) in promising, innovative business-to-business companies. Often the investment will be done in cooperation with other private equity firms or informal investors.

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Investment services

Investment services are professional venture capital services which we offer as a (modular) service to an informal investor or investment- / fund manager. We offer the entire spectrum of consultancy services around investment management in order to complement or further strenghten your own expertise.

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Finance & Growth

We assist companies in every lifecycle stage in finding the ideal mix between subsidies, government resources and (bank) financing with venture capital as possible tailpiece.

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Business & Control

In every lifecycle phase, a company encounters various issues in the field of business controlling. You do not always have the internal capacity or specialty available. Our business unit Business Control is originated from the market demand on controlling issues for specialized interim controller or interim CFO work.

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ECFG werkt met Promax

Hoe leuk is het wanneer je als referentie mag dienen bij een klant? Promax stond eerder centraal in onze eigen klantcase en nu staan we in de persoon van onze office manager Helmy als klant op hún vernieuwde website.

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