ECFG advises in the sale of Euro-Cold / Refflex International

Euro-Cold BV is a Rotterdam-based wholesaler for the installation industry in refrigeration, freezer technology and heat pumps. It specializes in finding the right technical solution and delivers customized solutions that are unique in the industry. Sister-company Refflex International BV is a leading producer of flexible hoses and associated fittings for the refrigeration, freezer and heat pump installation sector with a worldwide distribution network. Both companies have been in existence for more than a quarter of a century and are successful in their market segments.

Our approach
The shareholders decided to initiate the sale of both companies in the summer of 2021 and contacted ECFG to advise in this sale. Hubert Bosch, senior advisor at ECFG, was responsible for the project and started looking for acquisition opportunities within five defined buyer segments.  In the process, an MBI candidate was found that was interested in taking over the shares of both owners.

A negotiation process was completed with this MBI candidate, which led to the successful sale of Euro-Cold and Refflex International in March 2022. The new management team is taking over the entire workforce and one of the former owners will continue to work for the company during 2022 in order to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

The importance of creating a win-win situation
Hubert Bosch: “A company takeover is a sensitive process that requires a keen eye for detail and the financial, legal and tax aspects must not be overlooked. When selling a company, the emotional aspects must also be given proper attention without letting them dominate. In my role as advisor, I see myself as a kind of game leader, who is constantly busy maintaining and guarding the right balance between the players. The goal is always to strive for a clear win-win for both parties. Only then will the deal be good and fair in the long term and will there ultimately be two winners, as was the case with the sale of Euro-Cold and Refflex International. As the game leader, I can look back on a well played and balanced role and that gives a huge satisfaction!”

Are you also considering selling your company and would you like to discuss your options with Hubert? Or do you have another question in the field of (financial) management? Feel free to contact Hubert for an informal introduction ( or 06-4660 6841).


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