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Venture Capital Funds

Our funds participate with a minority interest (20-49%) in promising, innovative business-to-business companies. Our fund will participate with a syndicate partner (entrepreneur, other fund, informal investor), when the investment requirements are higher. If your company has a distinguishing element (niche market/ top-3 position in the national or international market/ outstanding technique or patent) and is located in the Netherlands, we would like to make an appointment.

Our expertise and experience primarily lies in the sectors:

  • ICT
  • High Tech manufacturing
  • Agro Tech
  • Environement & Sustainability
  • B-2-B services with added value (ICT or intellectual property)

We aim for the best solution for the company. Therefore, we often start with a corporate finance and business development process, in which we examine which financing (instrument) can best be deployed. In some cases, our funds may be that financing instrument. Closed funds are the Stimulus- and Eindhoven Venture Capital Funds. Our active fund is the Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II.
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Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II

EVCF II invests in:

  • Companies with opportunities,
  • prospect of above average returns
  • based on the right product/technology/market combination

EVCF invests:

  • At calculable crisis-moments
  • In companies/entrepreneurs who are open to a joint development process

Essential conditions for participation:

  • Proven product, market, technology
  • Proven business model/ revenue model
  • Organization with personnel
  • First international footprint
  • Potential for accelerated upscaling

This allows the company to be an attractive proposition in the medium-long term for a larger party as a strategic acquisition.
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