ECFG begeleidt verkoop van I-Projects aan SOLUTIONS 30

Nieuws 9 september 2019 • 2:23

Met trots kunnen we melden dat we lead arranger zijn geweest bij de verkoop van I-Projects aan SOLUTIONS 30. Hieronder vind je het persbericht.

SOLUTIONS 30, leader in solutions for New Technologies, strengthens its position in the Netherlands thanks to the acquisition of 51% of I-Holding bv, the parent company of I-Projects Group. Relying on a network of 130 technicians, this company generates a turnover of nearly € 11 million. It will be included in the Group’s financial statements with retroactive effect from 1 July 2019.


Founded in 2013, I-Projects Group offers, like SOLUTIONS 30, a wide range of local services in diversified business sectors: telecommunications, IT, energy, retail and security. I-Projects Group, which has a turnover of € 11 million, has developed rapidly in strategic markets, particularly the installation of smart meters. A second area of growth is related to FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) activities. With 20% of households connected in 2018 and a tripling of the number of subscribers expected by 2025, the Netherlands is a significant growth reserve for the group as a second wave of deployment of FTTH networks begins. I-Projects Group’s position on diversified activities also enables it to have access to other fast-growing markets: charging stations for electric vehicles and connected objects that will be at the heart of smart cities. The acquisition of I-Projects Group therefore enables the SOLUTIONS 30 group to consolidate its development base in the Netherlands and to offer its new subsidiary the necessary resources to realize its development potential.


Luc Brusselaers, Business Development Director Benelux said: “SOLUTIONS 30 continues to strengthen its territorial network in the Benelux and deploy its model on a European scale. We are very pleased to welcome the I-Projects Group teams within the group. Their expertise consolidates our leadership in the Benelux and our ability to deploy cross-border offers between Belgium and the Netherlands. With this acquisition, we continue to prepare for the future and gain skills, particularly in the field of charging stations for electric vehicles, that will be deployed in other countries.”


Alphons Elias and Alexander Jansen, the two founders of I-Projects Group: “Joining SOLUTIONS 30 Group is an important milestone in the development of our company and illustrates our strong growth ambition. Being selected by Solutions 30 is also a recognition for the hard and smart work of the whole team and a validation of our quality and human capital management. We are proud to lead our company to the next phase and believe this important step is beneficiairy for all our stakeholders: customers, partners and employees. Our business models are similar and we share the same values in the management of our clients and our human capital, which makes this connection all the more relevant.”