Press release: new investment fund EVCF II will start

BOM and 13 other parties are investing in new EVCF II-fund for ‘smart industry’


Today, the new investment fund of ECFG (Eindhoven Corporate Finance Group BV) will start: EVCF II. In the first closing round of this Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II, fourteen investors brought in a capital of € 12 million. This fund capital can be extended to € 30 million in the upcoming 12 months. With this capital, the new fund will make 16 investments in SME-enterprises in the smart industry sector in the South-East of Brabant during the coming five years. Regional investors like the VDL Group, family office OtterBrabant Beheer and BOM Ventures are participating in the fund.


Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund II BV (EVCF II) is a new investment fund which will help (young) high-tech companies accelerate their growth. These companies passed the start-up phase and have proven themselves in the market. EVCF II will take a minority stake (possibly combined with loans) in such companies and actively support the company with knowledge and experience in the market.


The investment capital of EVCF II in the first closing round is brought in by 14 investors in total. Besides BOM Brabant Ventures, several regional entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families are represented in the fund. For example, the VDL Group and one of the regional family offices OtterBrabant Beheer invest in the fund. With the targeted capital of € 30 million, the fund aims to make 16 investments. EVCF II is the successor fund of the previous EVCF-fund which is phasing out after a fund duration of almost ten years.


BOM Brabant Ventures is active in funding of companies in the early stage- and scale-up phase with growth potential and -ambition within the Brabant-region. “These companies are important for the regional employment and innovation power of this region” according to Miriam Dragstra, director at BOM Brabant Ventures. “Besides direct investments in these enterprises, the BOM also invests in other funds to help enterprises accelerating their growth”. The investment in EVCF II is the 13th fund-to-fund investment of BOM Brabant Ventures.


“We invest in this fund because we have great confidence in fund manager ECFG. ECFG is very well embedded in this region and knows the eco-system for smart manufacturing in the Brabant-region very well. These companies are very important for the Eindhoven region and have big impact on the employability and innovation power in this region”, according to Dragstra.


Hans Bloemen, managing director of ECFG: “ECFG’s purpose is to accelerate the growth of smart industry companies in the regional technology eco-system. It is valuable to do that in combination with industry partners such as the VDL-Group, family offices like OtterBrabant Beheer and regional active – and experienced investors like BOM Brabant Ventures. In this manner, we are convinced we can accelerate a company’s growth side-to-side and together with the entrepreneurs. It is not only about money in this phase, but also about the knowledge and experience. That’s how added value will be realized.”

Signing EVCF II

Signing EVCF II by ECFG and BOM


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