SDG Quick Scan: The impact of sustainability performance on the future of the company


A growing number of organizations are adopting corporate social responsibility, balancing people (people), profitability (profit) and the impact on the climate and environment (planet). In practice, it appears that organizations that engage in corporate social responsibility achieve better (business) results in the long term than organizations that do not. The SDG Quick Scan developed by ECFG maps out how companies score in the field of sustainability and where opportunities lie.


ECFG has expanded its services so that we can also help organizations in this area to identify opportunities and threats. We do this with the help of the so-called SDG Quick Scan. We use, among other things, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), drawn up by the United Nations. These SDGs are a universal language that makes it possible for companies to set measurable goals. In this way, clear communication about progress can also be made in company communication.


SDG Quick Scan

With the SDG Quick Scan developed by ECFG, we map out how companies score on the 17 SDG goals. The UN has set specific targets for each goal and with the Quick Scan we assess the status and associated priority for your company for each goal. Entrepreneurs receive the SDG status report with an overview of the opportunities, threats and priorities and can thus focus on developing for their relevant SDG goals. In addition, we help with (subsidised) mitigation of threats and the use of identified opportunities. Our approach helps companies to improve their sustainability performance and thereby create the conditions for a better (business) perspective.


Sustainable growth for your company

Tanya Bakker and Joost Ploos van Amstel of ECFG would be happy to meet you and show you how our approach can help you with the sustainable growth of your organization. Contact us.


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