Actively involved & result driven


Added value


Honest & reliable

Win-win for all stakeholders

Regional / international network


ECFG is an independent, autonomous and private fund manager, who advises, supports and invests in SME companies operating in the Business-to-Business segment. Our activities are primarily focused on strategic support of innovative and promising entrepreneurs in the region Brainport Eindhoven. With our entrepreneurial investors backing and our broad network, we offer and create added value.

The Corporate Finance Team is characterized by:

  • Recognition of the characteristics of a high-tech starter/accelerating company
  • Assessments of the company lifecycle position
  • Determination of the breakthrough moment
  • Experience in creating added value for the company
  • Generating respect by creating win-win situations for company and financier
  • Integrity and transparency Hands-on mentality

The Corporate Finance team is supported by analysts / junior investment managers. Additionally, ECFG is supported by an Advisory Board. The venture capital funds of ECFG are supervised by an independent Supervisory Board. Furthermore, our investor network is continuously involved, as they are the fabric of our investment region.


It is our belief that high-quality corporate finance is necessary for a company to successfully develop through the different life phases. Government incentives, subsidies and (banking) financing constructions can strategically accelerate growth. Additionally, Venture Capital can be an accelerator or multiplier for the entrepreneur and the investor.

Venture Capital is still characterized by the American way of investing: take calculated risks and strive for calculated returns. By providing a wide range of additional financial and business development instruments, we give a positive European twist to the Venture Capital principle.


ECFG was founded in 2007 by Hans Bloemen and Ruben Baijens. They had the ambition to offer regional entrepreneurship, network and capital through a professional organization to new and promising young entrepreneurship in the Brainport region. It is the belief that it is possible to achieve a win-win situation for all stakeholders, including the region, in the form appropriate return. Since the foundation of ECFG, the company has been managing the venture capital funds Stimulus Venture Capital Fund BV (SVCF) and Eindhoven Venture Capital Fund BV (EVCF).

The SVCF originated in 2000 in the former development company NV REDE (now Brainport Development NV). Based on this fund, in 2007/2008 the EVCF started, which initiated ECFG as well. Since 2011, ECFG is located in its building at Ten Hagestraat in the center of Eindhoven and has strengthened its team with senior advisors that all have their own expertise in addition to a broad general view. In 2016, Eindhoven Venture Capital II will start.

Corporate identity

In order to feel involved, the visualization of the key components of ECFG is important. The two main components are the approach of ECFG and the five target groups within the innovative growth segment (IT, High Tech, Agro Tech, Environment & sustainability, B-2-B) in the Brainport region Eindhoven. Each main component has a theme. The rational mind (left brain) is the theme for the ECFG approach and their investors. ECFG has the knowledge and the network to support its target group, and investors prefer facts. The rational theme is presented by the circles. The circles grow further and further apart, like water circles. This represents the ECFG approach: support the companies intensively until the exit phase, then release slowly. Emotion, intuition and feeling (right brain) are the theme for the innovative growth companies. These companies need to feel good about the cooperation with ECFG. The emotional theme is presented by an organic image from nature. Each target group has a different image. The main image consists half of circles, and half of the organic image. This represents the two components that are brought together. To emphasize young innovative growth companies and companies with a fresh look at the world, this is reflected in other images. The images of Eindhoven refer to the Brainport region. Every target group has an image of nature and an image of the industry concerned.